Saturday, July 18, 2009

Merentas desa

yesterday was merentas desa...started running until the bridge place
NON STOP then got tired and sat down near theroad....then me a
basil bumped into soowai and lilian and started running with them...
later got too tired and asked basil to carry me until 1 idiot teacher said
we will get DQ...then i decided to walk back to school ALONE!!! which
was bloody long
Finally finished the race and i think i got 500 placing
or what...went back to class and started playing with amirul bb
gun and started shooting DADDY!!!later faiza came to class and gave me
my sijil berhenti sekolan and chia hui all was trying to take a picture
of me which i did not let them do because i hate
pictures....the kukumalu came into the class and gave us some questions
and then called me to his place and started asking me some
questions..later went home and started playing pet society......


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