Thursday, July 23, 2009


forget about the 400 just going to blog anyways
Yesterday was my last day of school =(
went to school as usual stood in liine sang the
song and went back to class.....then had add maths and physics test
which i simply did.......the bell rand and we went down 4 recess then
i had to go to bilik guru to pay faiza my school fiece....after doing
all of that lied to the pangawas and went to class where we saw zhiling and chiahui
later faiza entered the class and started teaching us 4 awhile......
THHHEN she asked me to stand up and give my opinion on her which i did
but then i starterd to tear up after thinking of all the wonderful
memories with the class and all the people that i am going to miss..
then she let me sit down and she started saying a few words which
was sweett.......the it was going back time huged a few friends said bye to them and started tearing up again.....the vishnu hugged me and almost cried.... anyways that was all for that day and sorry 4 the girls who i didnt get to say goodbye.....

sorry if we dont get to have the party because of what i did!!!!

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