Saturday, September 19, 2009


Finally i am going to update my blog...Everything is going
fine over here...except the food really sucks..the frence fries
are are soggy and filled with oil. The bugers
are super dry and has no taste. I so miss
our school food which is way way better...
The only good thing is that the food is really cheap..
Made a few friends..The people here are so damn emo
you can tell them a joke and they will take it so seriously..

That is a picture of my room..See i have a the book that all of you gave me
on my shelve..i also have the card that my sister gave me brfore i left..=)
and the album that my aunty gave me.
The tv like thing on the table is dvd, radio player which is preety
cool..then i have the gasing that i bought when we went to the
art place in form 2!!!!
The paper thing is my progress report which is my grades so far..
school is way more harder after now.. we had a test the other day for spanish
and i had no idea on how to answer the stupid questions..