Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farewell Party

Today was the farewell party 4 me..had it near basil
house which had a was a ice place...
vishnu came to my house at 7.05 then we left
4 the party went to 7/11 for a while to buy a bag of ice...
then we saw tan and kanmani in the shop.......tan handed vishnu 100 for the party
then left the shop and went to the padang where agilan and jia wei was already waiting.
then after a few minutes we saw zhiling, lisa and lilian comming.......
later we went to basil house to get the balloons and ball...........went back to the padang
and and started playing a little....later basil brought his skatebord which all of us were
playing with....then we decided to orde pizza from dominos which came to 229
after eating we played fire and ice...then i felt like puking so i called time out...
then i joined zhiling and the other girls to fill out balloons with water which we then threw
at michael,david and all........if was FUN!!!!!!!!!then we played with the big
ppl see saw............then vishnu mum called and said he had to go home
which was a pitty because it was only i decided to go back with hilmi.....
later after everything was done hilmi called his dad at 10.40 and i had to back........
shook hands and huged all the guys....then shook chia hui and she gave me a gift.......which i went back home and read it.....VERY VERY NICE.........WILL KEEP IT 4 EVER.........PROMICE

Thursday, July 23, 2009


forget about the 400 just going to blog anyways
Yesterday was my last day of school =(
went to school as usual stood in liine sang the
song and went back to class.....then had add maths and physics test
which i simply did.......the bell rand and we went down 4 recess then
i had to go to bilik guru to pay faiza my school fiece....after doing
all of that lied to the pangawas and went to class where we saw zhiling and chiahui
later faiza entered the class and started teaching us 4 awhile......
THHHEN she asked me to stand up and give my opinion on her which i did
but then i starterd to tear up after thinking of all the wonderful
memories with the class and all the people that i am going to miss..
then she let me sit down and she started saying a few words which
was sweett.......the it was going back time huged a few friends said bye to them and started tearing up again.....the vishnu hugged me and almost cried.... anyways that was all for that day and sorry 4 the girls who i didnt get to say goodbye.....

sorry if we dont get to have the party because of what i did!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Merentas desa

yesterday was merentas desa...started running until the bridge place
NON STOP then got tired and sat down near theroad....then me a
basil bumped into soowai and lilian and started running with them...
later got too tired and asked basil to carry me until 1 idiot teacher said
we will get DQ...then i decided to walk back to school ALONE!!! which
was bloody long
Finally finished the race and i think i got 500 placing
or what...went back to class and started playing with amirul bb
gun and started shooting DADDY!!!later faiza came to class and gave me
my sijil berhenti sekolan and chia hui all was trying to take a picture
of me which i did not let them do because i hate
pictures....the kukumalu came into the class and gave us some questions
and then called me to his place and started asking me some
questions..later went home and started playing pet society......


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was fun..woke up about 9.30 and started playing
with facebook.At around 2 i went to sleep
and woke up at around 6.00..
then went to have my bath to get ready to go out with
my uncle...Left the house at around 7.50 and my uncle
took us to some place at cyberjaya.the food was really tasty..
Then on the way back we stooped at a mamak and drank teh tarik
and ate something....just came back at 11.50 and i still playing with facebook

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Age 3

Skipped school today to watch ice age 3 in 3D with my family...
the movie was preety damn funny...Went to klcc and collected
our tickets the decided to have breakfast at the food court..

After watching the movie we went to collect my passport and then
bought myself a brown jacket..

Monday, July 6, 2009


This is the second time i am creating a blog after the whole chen incident....

Went ot school as usual...Quite a boring day until vishnu, michael and me
saw basil staring at someone chest during chemistry....

we then started teasing during recess and he got preety pissed and shouted
at us in class

Then faiza entered and started doing lisan which was preety funny
Then we went for physics where sarath stold a whold bunch of paper
to make paper aeroplanes